XR Godalming Update 13th July – Getting Ready To Rebel For Life

We have an XR Godalming meeting this Wednesday 15th July at 7.30. All welcome. This replaces the planned showing of the ‘2040’ film which will be rescheduled. We’re going to use Wednesday’s meeting to start getting prepared for the coming rebellion including how we prioritise our energies and resources and organise as effectively as possible. This will include ensuring that we incorporate our learnings from last October. If you haven’t managed to get to a meeting for a while, this would be a great time to come. With six weeks to go before rebellion we do have time to get organised AND there will be a lot to do.

Join the meeting at 7.30pm on Wednesday via the zoom please contact us for details.

If you can’t make the meeting but want to be involved in the build up, watch the Telegram chat group or the XR Godalming Facebook or just email us at xrgodalming@gmail.com.

The plan so far for the rebellion itself: This has been agreed as a framework for XR nationally and for our region. It’s up to us how we fit into it.

Friday 28th August – Mass banner drop across the UK as a call to action, and aligned actions at fossil-fuel targets.

  • Saturday 29th August – Airport and Aviation Actions.
  • Sunday 30th August – Community outreach, local events – connect, listen, learn, train.
  • Monday 31st August – Permanent Bank holiday – finance-focused actions
  • Tuesday 1st September onwards. Rebellion continues in regions and goes to cities.

It is planned that these themes will unite the UK in beautiful, coordinated, dispersed actions…

Dates coming up this month

  • 14th July Know Your Rights Training (register)
  • 15th July XR Godalming Meeting 7.30pm
  • 20th July NVDA Training 7.00pm (register)
  • 20th July Police Liaison Training 7.30pm (contact Chris)
  • 21st July Know Your Rights Training (register)
  • 22nd July XR Godalming Meeting 7.30pm
  • 28th July Know Your Rights Training (register)
  • 29th July XR Godalming Meeting 7.30pm
  • 1st August XR Godalming GATHERS IN GODALMING tbc

Note that the website now has an Events area where we’ll endeavour to keep the upcoming calendar up to date with the above and more as it is planned.

The last event listed there on AUGUST 1ST is an idea for a get-together, probably in the Jack Philips Memorial Park / Bury’s field in Godalming. A chance for us to meet physically at safe distance, maybe have a picnic, maybe promote our group and the forthcoming rebellion on the High St and the park, maybe even take over the bandstand to play a bit of music and do a shortened version of the Heading for Extinction talk. This is a plan in embryo and needs input from us all if we are to make it happen.

Talking of HEADING FOR EXTINCTION, Carol and Sean gave a great revised and updated version of the talk last Wednesday on zoom to over 50 participants. We will be scheduling repeats of the talk on dates to be announced over the next 6-8 weeks so if you haven’t seen the talk yet, look out for the dates and please promote them to friends, colleagues etc. With the material revised to make it especially relevant to the current context of our struggle with the covid pandemic and all that this has revealed about our need to be prepared for dealing with climate emergency, it offers a good opportunity to grow our movement.

Talking of gatherings, we’ll continue to monitor the situation regarding government and scientific guidelines (not equivalent, of course) and the availability and protocols for our usual meeting place at the Unitarian Hall (currently limited to groups of 15) to see what’s possible and safe. For the rebellion itself, it’s recognised throughout XR that the pandemic continues and will continue to present dilemmas and challenges regarding how much we can engage in direct action and the precautions necessary to keep safe when we do. It’s also recognised that addressing the climate and ecological crisis hasn’t become any less urgent as a result of covid and we must do whatever is possible to bring it to attention and demand urgent action – especially since the evidence of recent weeks is that, despite the fact that the the vast majority of UK citizens now wants and demands change, the government appears to have no intention to pursue anything other than a return to destructive “business as usual.”

Another gathering in planning is a Critical Mass Bike Ride in Godalming on 22nd August. This will be part of our build up to rebellion and another chance to promote our local group and the call to rebellion as well as to have some inclusive fun and to demand action on decent safe cycling facilities in and around Godalming. The government has made announcements about improved infrastructure for cycling and walking and the County Council and our local councils have made the right noises. Meantime people are back in their cars, air pollution pushes upwards again and those who had started venturing out on their bikes during lock down are in danger of being deterred from continuing. We need to see some action to match the good words.

Talking of pressure on politicians, anybody who is able to join in the lobby of Jeremy Hunt MP on 17th July, please do so. As you’ll probably be aware, we visited his office on 25th June and left him a letter which he hasn’t replied to.

The lobby on 17th July is a zoom meeting and it’s connected to a project called The Time Is Now which some people in our group are already part of. But as I understand it if you want to be in on the zoom you can email Mr Hunt at huntj@parliament.uk and ask him for an invite . If you can join in with this please link up with Carol or email xrgodalming@gmail.com

That’s it for now. Remember you can get in touch with us if you have any more ideas, questions, concerns or anything else about the forthcoming rebellion. This is going to be a crucial moment and we want to make sure this is our most inclusive, robust, beautiful and decisive action yet. If there’s anything you feel you can give, or anything holding you back, please don’t hesitate to talk to us.

With hope and determination,

XR Godalming