XR Godalming Update 21st July 2020 – Return to Rebellion

With just under 6 weeks to go until the Return to Rebellion, XR Godalming is busy-busy. If you’re receiving this newsletter and you haven’t connected recently via a meeting or involvement in one of the projects going on, then you’ll probably be hearing soon from someone in the group who’s volunteered to help us count heads and get ourselves organised. The idea is to find out who is available to be part of the rebellion, locally and/or in London, and in what sort of role.

We recognise that we are all different and may want to participate in different ways, or not participate at all. The covid-19 crisis makes the choice of whether or not to be active at this time particularly difficult for some people. Although in a way the choice has always been difficult. Most of us would probably prefer to spend our spare time doing something other than making plans for or engaging in peaceful civil disobedience, but the climate and ecological crisis and the failure of authorities to act effectively to prevent impending disaster impels us to action.

Whatever you might be available to do, we will help everyone who wants to to find a role which is right for them at this time – whether that be heading to London as part of an ’affinity’ group ready to be arrested if need be, participating actively in a non-arrestable role or doing one of the important jobs in the background – for instance as part of the arrest-support ‘back-office’, or the media team or helping to produce arts materials. Whatever time you have available we can find a job for you and whatever ideas you might have for what can be done will be valuable. So please don’t feel you should wait to be asked or that you need anyone’s permission to get involved.

Group meetings will be happening on zoom every week now until the rebellion. The next one is this WEDNESDAY 22ND JULY at 7.30pm.

A reminder of other dates for training and other events during the rest of this month.

  • 21st July Know Your Rights Training (register)
  • 22nd July XR Godalming Meeting 7.30pm
  • 24th July Action Wellbeing Online Training, 6.30pm to 9pm (register)
  • 28th July Know Your Rights Training (register)
  • 29th July XR Godalming Meeting 7.30pm
  • 1st August XR Godalming GATHERS IN GODALMING

An updated list with more training events coming next month will be in next weeks’ newsletter. Remember you can always visit the website for information.


There are small groups working on various things and thy would all welcome more helpers:

  • Organising the PICNIC / OUTREACH GATHERING ON 1ST AUGUST in the park in Godalming. Contact Louisa or email xrgodalming@gmail.com to join the telegram group.
  • Planning the CRITICAL MASS RIDE / BIKE SWARM on Godalming on AUGUST 22ND. Contact Ben or xrgodalming@gmail.com.
  • Helping ARRESTEE SUPPORT for Godalming arrestees (this includes support for a number of our rebels who have court appearances due for October arrests in the next month or so). Contact Sue or xrgodalming@gmail.com.
  • Thinking about how we ensure ACTION WELLBEING during the rebellion – NB No-one in the group has taken responsibility for this right now. It would be great to have a coordinator.

As ACTION IDEAS are generated and developed and shared into the regional actions circle and out of it there are loads of opportunities to get involved in the planning or simply to imagine creative or unusual actions and see if others can help to develop them, Currently the following things are being thought about and people from the Godalming group are needed to act as links or ‘point’ people for our group. These projects include but are not limited to…

  • HANDMAIDS (A video recruitment action)
  • SEA LEVELS RISING (and so are we)
  • HOOLA HOOPERS (Yes, hoola hoopers)

If you are interested in any of these, please contact Carol or xrgodalming@gmail.com. Please note that saying you are interested doesn’t mean that you have to take on a massive responsibility, just that then we’ll know whether we have people interested in those things and the communications work gets spread around).

For anyone unavailable for actions stuff but interested in some of the vital networking and lobbying work which goes on in the background, we currently have an urgent need for representation on two forums – one is in an occasional meeting with WAVERLEY BOROUGH COUNCIL alongside members of XR Farnham and the other is at the GODALMING CLIMATE FORUM which is a group of local campaigning and environment groups linked to the town council. The next (zoom) meeting for that is this Thursday 23rd July. Anyone who could cover either or both of these roles please contact Joyce who has been holding these roles but needs to step down for now.

That’s about it for now. If you don’t feel there is anything you can do this time around, be well and we’ll see you next time. In the meantime stay in touch and help us grow We’ll be doing more talks soon and it’s great if information about them is shared on by those on our mailing list so that we connect with more people.

With hope and determination,

XR Godalming